What if my regular music lesson falls on a holiday or any other day Harmonic Melodies is closed?

The monthly fee entitles you to have your lesson on the same day and time every week.

If there are 4 days per month with your lesson time, the monthly fee entitles you to take 4 lessons. If there are 5 days per month with your lesson time, the monthly fee entitles you to take 5 lessons.

If your lesson time falls on a holiday or a day when Harmonic Melodies is closed, please reschedule your lesson with Harmonic Melodies.

A bill discount won't be applied if your lesson time falls on a holiday.

Do you sell any instruments?

Harmonic Melodies assists you in buying or renting the instrument of your choice. We have been working with knowledgeable and reliable associates for instrumental rentals and purchase. Please contact Harmonic Melodies for more details.

Who can enroll at Harmonic Melodies Music?

Interested persons of every age group and gender can enrol in Harmonic Melodies Music programs. Individuals who do and do not have any music background can enroll in the music programs.

What program(s) should I choose for myself or my child(ren)?

Harmonic Melodies has designed versatile and flexible programs for you to choose from. Whether you are interested in private, semi-private, or group lessons, we have a variety of programs for you. Please talk to administration or any executives for further decision.

Music Lessons - What happens in Summer? I don't want to come every week for my lesson.

You can continue with weekly lessons throughout the summer.

If that's not an option for you, this is where our SUMMER FLEX PLAN comes in:

Keeping a consistent lesson schedule for your child is crucial throughout the year. Make use of the time and let them create something fun while they are off school. Music reading and practical skills decline drastically after long absence from routine and proper training.

Like a pass for music lessons, the Summer Flex Plan gives you full flexibility to schedule your lessons according to your summer plans. Flex Plan is available for private and semiprivate in-school lessons in July and August. Decide how many lessons you want to take, and book your package accordingly.

Benefits of the Flex Plan:

It is not required to come to your lesson the same day and time every week like the routine from September to June.

Schedule as many lessons as you want in July and August according to your summer plans. Book your dates up to 48 hours in advance, based on teachers' availability.

Take advantage of the flexibility, try new instruments of your choice.

Multiple instruments in the same Plan is an option when taught by the same teacher.

Please contact Harmonic Melodies for more details.

When are my payments due?

All lessons are prepaid service. Invoices for lesson fees are due before the last day of each payment term in advance for the following payment term. We have the following payment options: month-to-month plan, 3-months-plan, and per program (if applicable). A late charge of $10 will apply for late payments. Fees for Group Theory Classes are due before starting date. All lesson fees are prepaid in order to hold and confirm your space for particular time slot with your teacher.

Where can I make my payments?

All payments are processed with administration in school, including private in-home lessons. Payments can be made in cash, with personal cheques, Debit, Interac e-Transfer, or VISA / MasterCard. To keep prices low, please consider not using a credit card.

How much is your registration fee, how long is it valid?

For music lessons, a registration fee of $40 per individual is applied. Each additional single-family member is $20. The registration fee is a non-refundable one-time administrative setup fee for each student's account. The registration will expire only if a student's account is inactive for more than 12 months. The registration fee is due at the time of registration.

What do I do if I need to cancel or reschedule a lesson? What is your cancellation policy?

Any scheduling is done with administration. We require 48 hours notice for scheduling changes. Simply call, email, or come in in person to require the changes within the time limits.

In a 3-months-plan you are entitled to one free cancellation, this will be credited on your next invoice. In a month-to-month plan you are not entitled to any free cancellation.

Contracts for music lessons will renew at the end of each payment term for another term. Administration must be informed of any lesson stoppage at least seven business days prior to the last session.

Please see Cancellation Policy for further details.

Do you do birthday parties?

Yes! We do art-themed parties or events. Please see this page for details and a registration form.