Private In-home Lessons

Whether you are tired of running around due to a busy schedule, or just simply prefer the comfort of your own home, Harmonic Melodies offers to send teachers to your house to teach our programs.

Just like private in-school lessons, this program integrates conventional teaching methods and corresponding materials.

Students will be taught to understand music progressively and execute on the piano.

While you are enjoying our quality education at home, you are also entitled to in-school benefits such as evaluation, concerts, competitions, and examinations. To ensure your quality music education, all in-home pianos need to be approved by Harmonic Melodies prior to starting date.

The program is subject to availability, and the location must be within Harmonic Melodies' service area.

This program is currently available for piano only. Other instrumental lessons are available upon request.

$48 (45 minutes)

$64 (60 minutes)

$15 (any additional 15 minutes)


*In-home lessons minimum is 45 minutes lesson time per visit, not restricted to one individual.


Your lessons will be scheduled on the same day and time every week, and are normally with the same teacher.

All stated rates for music lessons are a monthly fee, based on weekly attendance and 4 weeks per month.

In any given month where there are 5 weeks with your lesson time, the monthly fee will be prorated based on 5 weeks.

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