Private Lessons (in School)

• Piano

• Vocal

• Guitar

• Ukulele

• Violin

• Viola

• Cello

• Flute

• Clarinet

• Saxophone

• Trumpet

• Trombone

• Drums

• Accordion

• Other instruments upon request



Harmonic Melodies Music offers music lessons to any age group and for all major instruments and vocal.

A long-term contract is not required, lessons are typically on a month-to-month basis. You can start any time of the year.

Using conventional teaching methods, students will be taught how to understand music progressively and apply practically on the instruments.

The program at Harmonic Melodies integrates method books, popular music, classical music, RCM curriculum materials, and any of your favourite music choices.

An evaluation conducted by the Director up to four times per year is included in the program fees. The evaluation provides students with opportunities to perform their learned materials within the evaluation period. It is also a chance for communication between parents/guardians and Director, in order to ensure educational quality and enhance student progression.

Your lessons will be scheduled on the same day(s) and time every week, and are normally with the same teacher.

All rates for music lessons are a monthly fee, based on weekly attendance and 4 weeks per month.

In any given month where there are 5 weeks with your lesson time, the monthly fee will be prorated based on 5 weeks.

The monthly fee entitles you to take your lesson every week at your booked time slot. If your time falls on a day on which Harmonic Melodies is closed, please contact us to book an alternative appointment.

Monthly fees for instrumental and vocal lessons:

$120.00 per 4-weeks-month for 30 minutes private lessons

$172.00 per 4-weeks-month for 45 minutes private lessons

$224.00 per 4-weeks-month for 60 minutes private lessons

Please contact us for details on lesson fees for Royal Conservatory of Music Examinations Grade 8 and above.

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