About us


Harmonic Melodies promotes cognitive development and improvement through progressive music educational programs.

Our mission is to provide quality music education and teach each student how to read music properly and execute practically on the instruments.

Ms. Eva, the co-founder of Harmonic Melodies Music, has been an active professional music teacher for more than 20 years. With experience in teaching all age groups, Ms. Eva is a firm believer in conventional teaching methods and realizes proper music reading is 'mandatory' in order to execute onto any instrument fluently.

As many educators would agree, students often need goals to jump start their learning progress.

She has organized annual concerts and performance opportunities for students to work towards.

Her vision in combining theoretical and practical development is proven to be an enjoyable and successful learning process.

Along with creativity and calmness, Ms. Eva is convinced that empathy takes the greatest part in the equation of success in education.

Her mission as Director of Harmonic Melodies is to witness great achievements and pure enjoyment from both students and teaching staff.



We sell a wide variety of music books and have many series available in store. We can also order any book for you that we currently don't have in stock.


We assist you with buying or renting the instrument of your choice.