Music Theory

In order to obtain The Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM) examinations certificates for Grade 5 and above in any instrument and vocal, it is compulsory for students to complete Rudiments theory examinations. In addition to RCM certificates, students are also entitled to Ontario high school credits using their RCM achievements. For more information please contact administration.

The Group Theory Classes are designed to cover the curriculum for Rudiments examinations.

After learning and reviewing all theoretical materials, students will be given opportunities to apply their knowledge on past RCM exam papers and mock exams graded by the director. This will enable each student to go into a RCM exam centre and write the theory exams accurately and confidently.

Harmonic Melodies is dedicated to progressive educational programs, and Group Theory Classes can help students to understand the Rudiments concept, sustained the knowledge, and apply practically on instruments.

Please contact Harmonic Melodies for information about lesson fees.


*Completion of all 3 theory programs is required as they are corresponding to each other, with the exception of proven completion of examinations.  

**Only Advanced Rudiments theory examination is mandatory; Basic and Intermediate Rudiments are recommended per RCM policies.

***Please check with Harmonic Melodies Music administration for starting dates of the program.

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